Chilean breeders present new varieties of table grapes

Chilean breeders present new varieties of table grapes


The development of new grape varieties usually takes 12-15 years, then they go through the stage of commercialization.

The Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) announced the presentation of two new table grape varieties in Chile. Producers are now working to commercialize new crops.

According to Freshfruitportal, FruitNews says that the INIA G-2 and INIA G-3 grapes are significantly better than previous grapes, given the hardness of the berries and the rich taste. According to INIA researcher Cecilia Peppi, breeders of INIA G-2 red seedless grapes have tried to maintain a balance between sweetness and sourness in order to balance the taste. Producers will appreciate the increased yield and keeping quality of the “amber berry”, which partially solved the problem of transporting fruit to distant markets. INIA G-3 is a grape variety with a pinkish tinge of pulp and a round shape. The taste resembles a group of nutmeg varieties.

As Cecilia Peppi added, the development of new varieties usually takes 12-15 years, then they go through the stage of commercialization.

“It all starts with a regular breeding project as part of the INIA genetic program. At the first stage, seeds are selected from pre-selected grape varieties and work on characteristics that may be potentially attractive to new crops. After preliminary sampling, the samples are germinated and propagated in small quantities to assess their development over different seasons, ”said an INIA researcher.

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Cecilia emphasized that at the last stage it is important to build local work with manufacturers. The team prepares guidance on growing technologies in advance and provides support. This stage is important in that breeders are given the opportunity to assess the yield of new varieties in quantity and collect statistics.

Now INIA G-2 and INIA G-3 are preparing for commercialization. Work on varieties is fully completed, and the scientific organization plans to register new grapes in the register of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile. After receiving official registration, it will be available to all manufacturers.


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