Apple and potatoes are among the leaders, citrus fruits are expected in a week – review of trading floors for the week

Apple and potatoes are among the leaders, citrus fruits are expected in a week – review of trading floors for the week


Representatives of 17 countries sold their products on the EastFruit trading platform

Over the past week, the audience of the most popular fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform has increased by 150 new users, while the total number of participants has exceeded 11,350! Let’s analyze who and what sold on this and other EastFruit sites during this period.

Despite a slight decrease in the number of advertisements for the sale of fruit and vegetable products, the geography of offers expanded last week. Representatives of 17 countries sold their products on the site. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and even China were added to the active participants. The latter offered onions, fresh apples, and tomato paste. Most of the proposals came from participants from Russia and Uzbekistan. The five most active countries also included Ukraine, Belarus and Egypt. At the same time, the number of offers from Egypt has been increasing for the third week in a row.

Last week the number of advertisements for the sale of vegetables decreased in almost all positions in our top. The only exceptions were tomatoes. But even despite the reduction in supply, potatoes remain the leader in the vegetable segment. Among the goods that were not included in the schedule, it is worth noting the increase in the supply of greens. Representatives of three countries at once offered tomato paste for sale. In addition to China, mentioned above, participants from Iran and Kyrgyzstan also sold tomato processed products. We can also highlight the export supplies of mung beans and beans from Turkmenistan and sales of rosemary in the Crimea.

In the fruit and berry segment, the leadership is maintained by apple sales, the supply of which has grown again. The number of advertisements for the sale of pomegranates continues to increase. Participants from Azerbaijan started its implementation last week. Egyptian officials have announced the start of the avocado season. Exporters of Turkey and Greece announced the start of citrus supplies from October. The trading floor sold juniper berries from Tatarstan and hazelnuts from Abkhazia.

The graph of the dynamics of proposals for key positions in quantitative terms is given below.

In terms of advertisements for the purchase of vegetable products, onions and potatoes were in the greatest demand last week. The participants also actively bought carrots, tomatoes and garlic. In the fruit segment, as in the previous week, apple purchase announcements prevailed. The melon was in demand. In addition, the participants were looking for chokeberry and elderberry. In Altai, purchases of pine nuts were carried out. In Ukraine, there was a demand for horseradish root.

The EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group was dominated by announcements for the sale of fertilizers and seedlings. They actively offered blueberry and raspberry seedlings, as well as cluster seedlings of garden strawberries. We sold netting and packaging for vegetables and fruits. We offered for sale equipment for storing fruit and vegetable products, complex solutions for sorting and packing fruits and vegetables, a nut cleaner from green peels. There was a demand for cabbage seeds and large-fruited confectionery sunflower.

EastFruit Trade Platform prices (Russia)

Potatoes, carrots and cabbage have risen in price in Russia. Prices for pumpkin and eggplant have gone up. Tomatoes, bell peppers and onions became cheaper. In the fruit and berry segment, except for the cheaper watermelons, no significant changes in prices were observed.

Prices of EastFruit Trade Platform, UkrOpt and Viber Group (Ukraine)

Last week in the vegetable segment of Ukraine, price fluctuations were observed in almost all positions. Beets and carrots have risen in price. Producers have also increased selling prices for squash, eggplant, zucchini and cauliflower. The price of onions and cabbage, both white and red cabbage, has dropped. Cucumbers and all types of tomatoes fell in price, the only exception was cherry. Prices for all types of pepper have dropped, except for bitter red, which has risen in price.

In the fruit and berry segment, garden strawberries and blueberries rose in price. At the same time, the offer of the latter at the end of the week was practically absent. Prices for plums, watermelons and melons have increased. The increase in the supply of apples and pears forced sellers to lower sales prices. In addition, the peach has fallen in price.

A little about prices in other countries. For a pomegranate from Azerbaijan they asked for 80 rubles / ksh. Kyrgyz producers sold tomatoes at 10 rubles per kg, and apples at 24-25 rubles per kg. Potatoes were exported from Belarus at $ 0.11-0.16, and from Moldova – at $ 0.3 per kg. Uzbek participants sold tomatoes at $ 0.25, peanuts at $ 1.05 per kg.

We remind you that all ads posted on trading platforms are available on the EastFruit portal using this link. There you can place your ads in groups even without installing Telegram.

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