All types of greenhouse vegetables rose in price in Russia. Market Overview Week 31 2020

All types of greenhouse vegetables rose in price in Russia. Market Overview Week 31 2020


After a short pause, greenhouse vegetables in the region continued to rise in price

The current season on the greenhouse vegetable market in most of the analyzed countries can no longer be called usual. Since the spring of 2020, weather conditions have made significant adjustments to the production time for greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes.

As the analysts of the EastFruit project stated, monitoring the supply of greenhouse products in the markets of the region, many countries approached the last summer month with an obvious deficit of both local and imported cucumbers and tomatoes.

Insufficient supply round red greenhouse tomato this week was typical exclusively for the western countries of the monitoring region – Russia and Ukraine. The previous crop rotation of tomatoes in the aforementioned countries has ended, and the main exporting countries were not yet ready to offer their products in the required volumes at reasonable prices. But at the same time, representatives of retail in Ukraine are already considering options for purchasing imported tomatoes in the near future.

As for the production of open ground, it cannot cover the entire market demand due to the fact that the volumes from farms both in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine are limited, and prices in this segment of tomatoes continued to hold at the previously announced positions.

As a result, by the end of the reporting period, the price of greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine increased to $ 0.98 / kg, while in Russia they reached the highest value among all analyzed countries, on average $ 1.09 / kg.

The lowest prices for greenhouse tomatoes were recorded in the eastern part of the monitoring region, while prices for these products continued to fall in Tajikistan, Poland and Belarus.

In the segment long smooth greenhouse cucumber by the end of the outgoing week, clear upward trends were established, and only in Poland did these products noticeably fall in price due to the oversupply on the market.

The maximum prices, at the level of $ 0.82 / kg, by the end of the reporting period were established in the market of the Russian Federation, and the strengthening of positive price trends was explained by the market operators by the off-season in the mills and limited volumes of new batches of imported products.

According to the project analysts, there is no reason to expect stabilization of the situation in the segment of smooth cucumbers, especially in the western part of the monitoring region. Russian producers reported that new massive inflows of local products on the market are expected only in the last decade of August. In other words, for almost a month the long smooth cucumber market in Russia will completely depend on the activity and capabilities of importers.

Price growth trends dominated throughout the reporting week and in the segment short tuberous cucumber. And if in Ukraine and Belarus the price situation stabilized by the end of this week, which was supported by new batches of cucumbers from open ground, then in Georgia and Russia sellers continued to revise price tags upward, citing the insufficient supply of these products on the market.

Record, on average $ 1.23 / kg, price tags for lumpy cucumbers by the end of this week were announced in Russia. At the same time, sellers practically did not encounter problems in the sale of existing batches of products, since demand exceeded supply.

According to preliminary estimates of analysts from the EastFruit project, stability in the greenhouse vegetable market in the next few weeks should not be expected, since in no country in the region can producers guarantee the stability of supply of the required volume of products to the market.

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